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About Peedam


Sri Sakthi Amma stays at the Sri Narayani Peedam, an institution that sits at the edge of a mountain named Kailasha Giri. It is located in Thirumalaikodi (or Malaikodi), a small village near Vellore in South India. It is surrounded by mountains and lush, scenic beauty. Thirumalaikodi is located 150 km from Chennai and is equidistant from the two other very well known pilgrimage towns of Thirupathi and Thiruvanamalai. When linked by straight lines the three towns form a triangle.

In Thirumalaikodi several centuries ago, saints and sages performed intense penance for many years to the Universal Mother. They prayed for the Universal Mother to descend on the Earth to protect creation from the afflictions of the Dark Age (Kaliyuga). The selfless prayers of the sages were received by the Mother who consented to incarnate in human form on Earth.

In this World there are so   many kinds of birth, but only human births is regarded sacred...

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A religious symbol that appears on its own accord.

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