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Amma’s Poojas

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One of Amma's messages to humans is that peace can be attained through Poojas (prayers). Amma performs different Poojas for more than six hours every single day in Shanthi Mandapam at Sri Narayani Peedam. The day begins with Ganapathi Pooja, Viswaroopa Darshan, Namasmaranam, ‘Putthu’ (Ant Hill) Pooja, Gaja (Elephant) Pooja, Surya (Sun God) Pooja, Thulasi Pooja, Gho (Cow) Pooja and Sri Narayani Yagam. Amma teaches humankind that all life forms have a purpose and humans should live in harmony with them. One should also express gratitude to nature, the five elements as they form the very basis on which all life forms are supported. It is considered a rare blessing to witness the Pooja for the Vigraham (idol) of Mangala Sri Narayani, which is the first of its kind on this planet Earth. Each day thousands of people visit the temple to witness the divine avatar perform Pooja to Goddess Narayani. Meditation, Bhajans and chanting Shlokas are a part of the three-hour long Pooja, everyday. Soon after the Pooja, all devotees line up for Darshan (Divine vision and blessing) and to receive Thirtham (holy water) from Amma. Prasadam is distributed to thousands of devotees after the Pooja, every day at Sri Narayani Peedam.

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