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Sahasra Deepa Mantapam

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Sashasra  Deepam  or  one  thousand  eight lamps  is  one  of  the  sacred,  special  installations  at  Sripuram,  Sri  Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple.

Sahasra Deepam is designed as a towering  structure made of bronze, to a height of 18  feet, structured into layers of 9 levels. The towering  deepam  is  placed  on  a  Tortoise pedestal  resembling  the  churning  of  the ocean.

The  deepa  mandapam  is  located  on  the eastern side of the star path – the entrance to the temple, enclosed in a vast structure encompassing mega wall murals (statues) of  three  Sakthis  –  Sri  Saraswathi,  Sri Mahalakshmi & Sri Durga, on each wall, respectively.

Every day Sri Sukta homam is performed both  in  the  morning  and  evening  in  the deepa  madapam,  wherein  devotees  can participate  in  the  homams.  Gho  Pooja  is performed  every  day  in  the  deepa mandapam,  enabling  devotees  to participate in the sacred Gho Pooja.Lighting  Ghee  Lamps  is  very  auspicious and  sacred  to  Ashtalakshmi,  as  it  dispels darkness  in  our  lives  and  leads  to  the creation of wealth & Joy.

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A religious symbol that appears on its own accord.

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