In this World there are so   many kinds of birth, but only human births is regarded sacred...

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Star Path

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It is only in the human form that one can do deeds. The other forms of life, even if they wanted to, can’t do good deeds.
Humans are provided with all the faculties to accomplish good deeds.
Only humans have the intellect, wisdom, knowledge and power to perform good deeds.
Once the mind has the desire to live a good life, in a commendable way, then knowledge and opportunity to do so are granted.
Once a person sincerely desires to live in peace, the rest of his or her life plans will fall into place.
Develop devotion to God; practice having good thoughts, and doing good deeds. All these things will bring peace to our lives.
Peace, obtained in the mind, is permanent. To acquire peace we need to cultivate our devotion to God.
So long as our desires and our prayers are sincere, we shall be showered with peace.
Peace of mind is more important than any material wealth including money, property, and all other comforts.
When there is no agitation in the mind; there are fewer burning desires and fewer bad thoughts.
Happiness is a state that could be described and explained, but peace is a state of mind that can only be experienced.
If one is able to live a life in peace, then the society and community around will benefit.
When the mind is not thinking of material wealth, but is focused on God and goodness, this is defined as peace.
Happiness is a state that could be described and explained, but peace is a state of mind that can only be experienced.
When a person is at peace, he will work towards spreading it in the community.
If an individual can do so much, imagine what an entire community seeking peace can do for the world.
If we want to live a life of joy we need to know the proper path.
A guru can be our teacher, can remove ignorance and also bring in the light.
A guru is a person who shows humanity the right way of living dharma.
A guru shows an individual the path of wisdom and love.
A guru is one whose teachings are meant for all of humanity, irrespective of religion.
Once we have selected a guru, it is essential that we put trust and faith in our guru, in order to receive the right knowledge.
Only through faith and patience will we receive the opportunity to learn, to gain understanding, and to attain peace in life.
You must surrender to your guru, in order to shed ignorance and learn the right way of living.
Hinduism is the only religion that acknowledges that God reaches out to man in the form of a guru.
Amma encourages us to ask God for unconditional love, to spread it to everyone around us and then to pass it on to our neighbours, our community and our society.
It is only possible to lead a complete life when one has a guru; then faith and surrender are absolutely necessary.
For a person to succeed in life, a great deal depends on the mind. When the mind is powerful, one’s shortcomings fall away.