What started off as a small, one-man project to recycle waste, has led to the creation of an award-winning waste management program with a bio-gas plant that uses animal waste to generate clean fuel for cooking.  Waste collected from temples, schools, hospitals, nursing college campus and neighbouring communities is separated and all non-organic waste is recycled.  Organic waste is vermicomposed to produce rich organic manure for use in farming.  In addition, the system contributes to environmental conservation and socio-economic development of the village, by employing over 200 people and creates awareness on cleanliness and hygiene.

 The facility includes a treatment plant that collects up to 500,000 litres of sewerage every day, which is treated and used to water agriculture lands and the Sripuram green belt.  There is also a rainwater harvesting program and a solar panel to heat water for the Sripuram kitchens.

 This excellent example of the “reduce, reuse, recycle” principle was recently awarded the “Green Temple Award” and the “Best Eco-Friendly Campus of India Award.”


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