Sri Adi Narayani Temple


Sri Sakthi Amma says 'Divine Mother is the creator of this universe. She is the one who has been in existence since times immemorial, even before the creation of time itself.' 'Adi'- meaning before time. 'Sri Narayani' means the embodiment of the three Sakthi’s Sri Durga, Sri Saraswathi and Sri Mahalakshmi.' Sri Sakthi Amma consecrated an idol of Goddess Sri Narayani at the north east corner of Sri Narayani Peedam, enabling devotees to pay respects to 'The Divine Mother' and also understand the significance of this establishment. Amma also consecrated the Sri Chakra in a pedestal in front of Sri Adi Narayani.

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Sri Narayani Temple


The spiritual oasis and is an architectural marvel.

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