Sri Kamadhenu - Silver Gho Matha

Sri Kamadhenu - Silver Gho Matha

Even though a human mother provides milk for the first few months of her child's life, it is the Cow that provides milk to humans, for their entire lifetime. No other animal can be compared in that regard when it comes to the way a Cow provides for humanity. Known as panchagavya, the five substances harmlessly obtained from the cow are milk, ghee, curd, urine and dung. For thousands of years, these have traditionally been used by humans for health and wellbeing. In order to create awareness and to provide an opportunity for people to pay respects to the divine mother, Sri Sakthi Amma has consecrated a cow made of Silver just outside the Maha mandapam, facing Sri Lakshmi Narayani.

Everyday Gho Pooja is performed within the precincts of Sripuram at 5:30 PM, witnessed by hundreds of devotees. Devotees who wish to perform the Gho Pooja seva can make a prior booking using the facility in the application or contact the PRO at Sripuram.

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