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Sripuram, the abode of Goddess Sri Lakshmi Narayani is aptly named as the spiritual oasis and is an architectural marvel. Sri Sakthi Amma initiated construction of the Golden Temple in the year 2001 and the consecration (Kumba Abhishekam) was conducted on the 24th Of August 2007. The implementation of this divine project had basis in Amma's divine vision, which was created by the divine for humankind, irrespective of religion, caste, colour or creed.

The breathtaking landscape and the 40 feet Cascade Water Fountain in Sripuram, is situated is completely organic, with variety of flora and fauna, creating a serene ambience and a natural ecosystem. Holy water from all the major rivers of the country was brought together into one holy pond called “Sarvatheertham”, as a major source of evolution.

The Golden Temple is situated in a 100 acre lush green landscape in the middle of a star-shaped path, such that it absorbs maximum energy from the nature, that creates enormous peace and brings relaxation to devotees who walk through the Star Path. Devotees walking through the Star Path are blessed to read messages of truth and righteousness that enables them to realize themselves and transform into powerful beings. With over 1.5 tonnes of gold used to create traditional Vedic-style temple architecture, Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple is a first of it’s kind and is tipped to be the world's largest Golden Temple and is one of the most visited holy shrines in the world.

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Sri Narayani Temple


The spiritual oasis and is an architectural marvel.

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