Sri Sakthi Amma's Special discourse on 7th April 2020 about overcoming the current pandemic


Beloved Amma's Voice Chanting

Sarva Mangala Mangalye
Shive Sarvaartha Saadhike
Sharanye Tryambake Gowri
Narayani Namosthute

When we listen to stories from the Puranas (ancient legends of traditional lore), we know that there were asuras (demons). Those demons gave a lot of trouble to humans. They caused a lot of problems for rishis (sages engaged in deep spiritual practices). They gave trouble to the devas (celestial beings) so all of them prayed to the Divine Mother (Adi Paraasakthi also known as Narayani) to save them from all these troubles. Through the ages, the Divine Mother has incarnated on Earth – in different forms and known by Her many names– to destroy those demons.

We have read a lot about all of these asuras (demons):Mahishaasuran, Madhu Kaitabhan, Chanda Mundan, Raktha Beejan, Dhoomralochan, Sumban and Nisumban– like these, there lived many other demons. They would regularly create so much havoc for humans and the holy munis (sages and saints). At such times, everyone would get together and pray to the Divine Mother pleading, ‘Please save us!Protect us!’. So Adi Paraasakthi would incarnate in whatever form was needed at each time, taking a different form of Sakthi (the Universal Mother) and destroy the demons.

Now where have all these demons gone? Are there no demons left around anymore? There were just so many demons in those days! Where did all those demons go? Or have they all become very good now?! [Amma laughs] Do you think that this is really so?

Well, in earlier times, since the minds of the people were filled with divine energy, the people then had a lot of aathmabalam (power of the soul). This is why the demons could not reside inside human bodies; they only existed as demons outside human bodies. Whatever negative qualities existed would take on the giant forms of demons. They were full of agnanasakthi (the energy of ignorance) andmaya sakthi (the power of illusion) with which they caused so much trouble.

With every yuga (epoch) change, the deivabalam (divine strength) in humans kept on diminishing. Along with this, the evil energies entered the human body and took residence in people’s minds, manifesting as thought forms -– to create trouble and difficulties for everyone.

In Kaliyuga (this current epoch of ignorance and sin), humans possess much weakeraathmabalam (soul strength) and deivabalam (divine strength). This is why demons easily reside within the minds of each and every person today. And in what form do these demons now exist? They reside in the form of anger, lust, hatred, jealousy, greed and so on… within the human mind.

Today demonic forces do not only reside within the minds of people; they can also take on other forms– to cause havoc in the world. What is the form of demonic forces troubling humanity now? The Corona virus! Through this virus form, these negative forces are creating a lot of fear in everyone.

Let us look at those who live in poverty here (in India). They do not have big houses. Home is a small hut by the roadside and families have one, two or several children. Since birth, these children are living by the roadside. Yet these children do not catch the common cold, nor are sneezing or runninga fever. Now compare them to the children raised in more comfort: in a big home with a lot of care and plenty of fuss. What happens whenever these children drink water at someone else’s house? Doctors will explain that their immune systems are not strong enough, which is why they fall sick so easily.

So immune resistance is sakthi (strength) within our body. In our world, there are so many other viruses...not just the Corona: they are invisible and are constantly all around us. And this is not the first time that humanity is experiencing a virus outbreak. Viruses have existed in this world for thousands of years. Viruses are a part of our lives; they live inside of us, are on us and are always travelling with us, wherever we go.

We all eat yogurt. So, what is in yogurt? It contains millions of good micro-organisms (or healthy bacteria) which make our body’s immune system strong. Now when badmicro-organisms or viruses enter our body, a strong immune system is able to fight them off, and thus the viruses die. However, when our immune system is not strong enough, then bad micro-organisms multiply and grow in large numbers inside our bodies. That is when diseases and health problems begin.

Now let us look at the world as a body. When our immune system is weak, then what do we do? We take a lot of supplements and tablets to strengthen and boost our immunity. When we think of this world as a body – if this world is so affected by a virus – if the world needs a strong disease-defending immune system, then who is capable of giving the world that? Amma, the Universal Mother! To improve our body’s immune system, we can take pills. But how can we boost the disease-defending immune system for this planet... our world? It will surely not respond to all those pills! The world needs Amma’s Grace!This Grace works in two steps: The first step – the energy level of souls in this world has to strengthen.

The second step – once soul energy levels strengthen, the energy of this unwelcome virus will weaken... and it will automatically disable itself.

So now when we pray, we need to ask Amma, the Divine Mother for two things.

The first:

Please bless this world with Your Energy and Your Grace!

The second:

Please destroy the energy of this tiny virus
which is now controlling and ruling the whole world.

Who can do both of these? Scientists can create the cure, but when will that happen? That can only happen when the Divine grants that this be so. The only way scientists can say that they have discovered the cure is when the Divine gives them the inspiration for the cure. This can happen only when the Divine deems it the right moment.

Yaa Devi Sarva Bhootheshu
Buddhi Rupaenna Samsthitha

The Divine Cosmic Mother Who is all of Creation,
She Who is in the form of Intelligence in all beings

Within each person,there resides what we call the intellect (buddhi). Often we claim,‘ We did this...we did that…by using our intelligence’, don’t we? That intelligence and even the power of that intelligence is all only Amma (the Divine Cosmic Mother)!

That is why it is said in the Devi Mahaathmiyam (sacred verses praising and describing the many names and virtues of the Goddess or Divine Mother):

That Sakthi which is within every living being as the
inherent form (swaroopam) of intelligence (buddhi)

Namastasyai Namastasyai Namastasyai Namo Namaha
I bow down to That Sakthi

So for the grief and the suffering that the world is currently experiencing… the way out of that… the newdawn for this dark period, is Amma’s Grace! It becomes possible only with Sakthi’s Grace.

So in these times, instead of fear and worry, just remember –

it was Amma, the Divine Mother who destroyed Mahishaasuran;

it was Amma, the Divine Mother who crushed Shumban and Nishumban;

it was Amma, the Divine Mother who finished off Madhukaitaban;

it was Amma, the Divine Mother who wiped out, what is this tiny virus?!!! Hmmm?

One kshanam (a mere fraction of a second) or just the time it takes to snap your fingers... that is all the time it takes Amma to put an end to this virus! Then, why is it that Amma has not done anything yet?

All along, certain individuals and some nations have been boasting,‘ I am the most brilliant… the superior one… we are the superpower… the most powerful nation…’. Now is the time to expose to the world that all of these claims amount to nothing; now is the time for the world to wake up to Truth. Now is the time for that.

This hour of hardship and misery is a testing time for all those individuals and countries that have boasted superpower status. There will definitely be an end to this grief and suffering. We will prevail.

Every country celebrates their own Independence Day or Republic Day. During that time, they proudly display all the bombs, weaponry and firepower they have accumulated and kept in storage! All of these are paraded in a grand manner. Launchers and missiles will also be in the procession. On seeing all of this, other countries around the world will start feeling fearful for their own security. This sets off a chain reaction of fear amongst other nations, who then react by arming themselves, to greater and even greater degrees.

And now comes this invisible, miniscule virus that today has all countries shaking in fear. [Amma laughs] Don’t you see? They have accumulated all these bombs. They were filled with such pride and boasting, ‘ If I just press this switch, that whole country will be destroyed!’

Yet today, because of a minute, invisible bug, the world is not worrying about the bombs any more. The bombs have become useless; bombs have lost their ability to instil fear. Now bombsare no longer the enemy.

This tiny virus is the common enemy of all nations. So where did this virus come from? This virus also came from Nature. It is an act of Nature, through the Panchabootha (the Five Elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space¬– through which Sakthi manifests all of Creation). That Sakthi – the Universal Mother¬– that same power, is behind the creation of this pandemic. She is also the same Sakthi who can destroy it in a mere fraction of a second!

Whether a mother has two or more children, she will appear to each one of them as the very form and essence of pure love. For the Divine Mother who created this world and who protects and oversees the smooth running of all the worlds which exist –all of humanity are Her children. The Divine Mother is boundless love. She has much, much more love and compassion than all of the mothers in the world put together! There will never, ever be a lack of that love and compassion and so, this game of Sakthi comes from that same boundless love and compassion for all. This current period of suffering is to test the will-power and inner strength of humanity. This is all but a part of the Divine Play...Can you all not see this? This is the Truth... and the world needs to realise this now.

So at this moment, what all the people in the world need to be doing, is not to be gripped in fear. Just to pray to the Divine Mother with full devotion – with thevery same devotion, that all the siddhars and rishis(saints and sages) prayed to Amma – many hundreds of thousands of years ago. They prayed intensely, ‘Amma please protect us from this Maahishaasuran.’ When the demons Shumban and Nishumban were creating havoc, all the people pleaded, ‘ Oh Mother, please save us, please protect us!’. And so it was, that once the Divine Mother (the very embodiment of compassion) heard all of their prayers...then,out of Her compassion, She saved them from all that misery.

So for Amma to dismantle this Corona virus today – to crush it – is a trivial matter. It takes no effort at all! You want the virus cleared? Sure! How long will this take? A mere three seconds. (The same time it took Amma to utter the question, ‘You want the virus cleared?’). That is all the time it takes Amma... to fix this! And so, within this same short time span, this virus which has brought so much trouble and misery upon the world, will simply disappear.

Now there is no need tobe fearful nor to be preoccupied in negative thoughts¬– that this is a hopeless situation or that there is no cure for this. Once there is Amma’s Grace, the virus will automatically and simply disappear!

It is equally important that you follow through all the guidelines and recommendations givenin your respective countries. At the same time, practise your daily devotion and continue your prayers to the Divine. They work together. When you pray, have the same deep devotion as the rishis.

Meanwhile, just for this specific period of time, to help everyone... to help you come out of this ordeal, Amma has given a mantra. What mantra is this?


[Amma chants this three times]

Maha Kali and Narayani – they are both the same. So why is the Universal Mother named Kali? Why? Why do we call her Kali? Kali means black! Does this mean that black is the colour of the body of Maha Sakthi? Black? No, it is not like that! [Laughs] Kali is Narayani’s basic nature. She is colourless. Let us compare light and darkness. Light has dimension and light can be measured. But can anyone measure darkness?

Take the sun. The sun is the form of the biggest light energy in this world. You can measure our distance from the sun; you can say it extends over so many millions of kilometres. The moon: its distance from our Earth too, can be measured. So the sun, the moon, the many planets and all other celestial bodies... where are they located? In space... in the vastuniverse– within this brahmaandam. They all float there – the sun, the moon, the planets (thesegalactic, stellar and cosmic bodies):they are all there by themselves in this brahmaandam.

Even though light can be measured, there is a much, much greater expanse – such a grand vastness of total darkness – which exists beyond all the zones with light. It is as if all the worlds in the universe are mere dots and specks... placed on a huge black screen! So these dots would therefore be the sun, the moon and all of the planets and the stars.

In every part of the universe, within all of Creation (prapancham) it is the energy of Sakthi which pervades and fills it. In this grandest expanse, Sakthi is present everywhere – whether there is light or no light. Yet since Sakthi is actually both formless and colourless, and since the dark areas are so much more expansive, the dark zones of the ‘black screen’ far exceed the zones with tiny dots and specks of light in space! In fact, it is from all of this darkness named Kali, that sound and light both have their beginning.

This is how the Universal Mother got the name Kali –not because Her body is black. For this same Maha Sakthi (the Great Power) who is Maha Kali and who is beyond all physical means of measurement, Herbeejasksharam (seed sound or seed mantra) is


[Amma asks the audience] What is it?

[Audience responds with Amma]KREEM

That is why we plead to this Sakthi who pervades everything and is everywhere, this Narayani whom we meditate upon as Maha Kali:‘ Please let this evil microbe (DushtaKrimi) called Corona, now be destroyed (Nasi Nasi)’. This word, Nasi comprises the two syllables,


of the five-syllable Panchaksharam: Pancha(Five) and aksharam (syllable) where...

NA represents the element of Earth; and
SI represents the element of Fire.

With this two-syllable NASI we destroy the negative energies on planet Earth (NA) by using Fire (SI).

In the olden days, those engaged in a battle would shoot arrows. How far an arrow would travel would depend on the individual strength of the person shooting that arrow. This word, NASI is just like an arrow! How is this so? It is because, when we chant this mantra, it actually comes not from our mouth – but from our soul. Only if we are alive, can we utter and chant mantra. So who is the foundation for this life? Where did this life come from? From Sakthi, the Universal Mother!

When you chant, what is created from that chanting is Amma’s Sakthi (Energy or Power). Every mantra we chant, now turns into an arrow. When we concentrate and say NASI, that mantra is now an arrow. Then whatever we wish to destroy will get targeted by this Sakthi arrow. This particular mantra may be new. But it is the same NASI which has been used by siddhars and rishis for over thousands of years to resolve similar problems.

So in these times, there is no need to be in fear or even to worry – all these are not needed. Other countries may not know how exactly to deal with such a situation; they may seem lost and rudderless. But we have a clear compass from the wisdom contained in our Puranas (ancient and sacred literature). Other countries do not have such references to fall back upon. That is why they feel overwhelmed and are in great fear. If you ask them about Mahishaasuran, or even Sumban and Nisumban, they are clueless. They do not have the benefit of these stories or how such seemingly unbeatable circumstances were overcome.

However, we here (in India) have experienced many such trials over the ages and have this wealth of spiritual knowledge and know how to apply its wisdom. We have the benefit of going through many such experiences in our past – when the GreatSakthi appeared as Amma (the Universal Mother) to protect and save us.

We have the Great Sakthi who is our constant companion. And so we pray with devotion, without any fear.She who is the very embodiment of compassion, will transmute all these sorrows and troubles of humanity within a mere fraction of a second (orunodi = one nodi: a fraction of a second) and shower Her Grace upon all.

In the current circumstances,for all the worlds to be happy and to receive Amma’s Grace, we should do this every morning after taking our bath. We should chant:

Om Kreem
Maha Kali
Corona Dushta Sakthiyeay
Nasi Nasi

[Amma chants with audience]

So, chant this mantra daily and with Amma’s Grace, let all these problems that have come up for the world, clear up.

Amma Blesses All. May all the beings in all the worlds be comfortable and happy.

*Sri Sakthi Amma suggests to those who have been chanting this mantra


to please continue to chant it. There is no need to switch to the mantra mentioned in the discourse.

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