It has been a Wonderful Honour

Narayani Amma has been part of my meditations and healing practice since 1999 December. For me, it was a wonderful honour to be in the physical presence of Amma. I was undergoing some traumatic health challenges at that time and was unable to walk. After meeting with Amma and being blessed with vibhuthi, I have found a big difference in the healing process. For this, I am eternally grateful. The experiences with Amma have reinforced my trust and faith in the Universe. I also find that I have inner strength and courage to move forward with my life. I find it easier to surrender, knowing that I do not have to fight every battle and that Amma will take care.

Kissed by an Angel

I felt like my heart had been kissed by an Angel. I used to suffer from chronic fatigue and several different doctors offered different diagnosis with zero results. Shortly after the trip to Calgary to see Amma, I had an appointment with a herbalist who correctly diagnosed the illness as a mere B12 deficiency! Thank you, Amma. I now realize that healing comes in many different ways – Amma’s love is one of those ways. I feel wonderful and my experiences with Amma have added a layer of love in my life.

The Neighbour

A poor woman living nearby the Peedam came to Amma for blessings. Amma gave her some neem (margosa) leaves. After a few seconds, the leaves turned into a Mangalyam, the holy jewel which is tied around a bride’s neck at the time of her marriage.

A Boy

When a boy of six, met with a cycle accident in Vellore, he was badly injured and became unconscious for more than thirty minutes. Women standing nearby ran to Amma for help. Amma hurried to the scene and placed a foot on the boy's chest. The boy got up immediately and began to talk as if nothing had happened to him.


A judge, who thought he would not be promoted, got the promotion by the Grace of Narayani Amma. Another judge, who did not get a groom for his daughter for many years, got it within three months with the Grace of Amma.

Singapore Devotees

In Singapore, the devotees got a metal Vigraham (idol) manifested by Amma, to their surprise the Vigraham turned into a Chinese Goddess.

The Police Officer

Amma poured something into a Police Officer’s hand and it turned into the famous Thirupathi Laddu.

Miracle of the "Open Eyes of Mangala Narayani"

On 8th June 2010, I Went to Peedam and I had The Divine darshan of Beloved Amma and returned to my home at around midnight. On the morning of 9th June, as usual I went to see the Amma and Mangala Narayani photographs as I normally do as the first Darshan of my morning. To my surprise I saw the Eyes of Mangala Narayani open, I was thrilled and surprised; I called out to my wife Dr. Viji to look at Mangala Narayani without telling her what I saw. She looked and saw the same miracle as me and started crying out of joy.


Few minutes Later my house maid came and we asked her to look as well and she too could see the eyes of Mangala Narayani opened beautifully and with a smile. We all performed Puja and I left to go to my office. In my office I have two Mangala Narayani photos and everyday I offer flowers before I start my work, there also I saw the same miracle of Mangala Narayani; her eyes were open and with a smile. I called my collegues over and all of them were really amazed and some became speechless.


I told my friend and Nadi astrologer about this miracle and he was very happy. He checked the Prasana Nadi for that time and “Oh, my God”, the Nadi leaf has been found and to our surprise and joy the Vasistar Rishi confirmed the Miracle of Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma in the form of Mangala Narayani. I am happily sharing this blessing with everyone and pray to Beloved Amma to give all of us good health and joy to serve Amma in this life and in coming births.

by M. Rajkumar

Edo A Dream Comes True

I had a dream around the 3rd week of January 1999. In my dream, I could see the performance of my father’s death anniversary ceremony. After the ceremony, I saw a young person about 23 years old (whom I have never seen before) coming to my house. The person gave me a tray which contained Thirumangalyam, fruits, thamboolam and an invitation card, saying that it was from ’Amma’. In February 1999, I visited Amma at a devotee’s home in Telok Kurau. During the interview (the first time I saw Amma), I quickly realized that Amma was indeed the person I had seen in my dream. I asked Amma if Amma had appeared in my dream. Amma laughed and confirmed that ‘all the auspicious things were given too”. I burst out in tears of joy.


About 4 months prior to that, sometime in late 1998 my daughter had a similar dream, in which Sathya Sai Baba came to our house and we were awaiting His darshan. My father’s death anniversary actually took place in Madras on March 4th. The next day Amma visited my home in Singapore for Paada Pooja, just as it happened in my dream two months ago, as well as in my daughter’s dream. We had a small group of people awaiting Amma when Amma arrived at our house. Amma materialized an idol of Swami Ayyappan for my daughter. By a Singapore Devotee

The Presence of Amma in My Life

On June 28th, 2007, I was asked by my partner what I wanted to do on my birthday. I responded with... spend the day with Amma, so that is what we did. During that day, I felt an incredible rush of emotion, love and sorrow. I didn’t know what was going on. That evening, in my exhaustion, Amma looked at me and pierced my soul — never to be the same. Right then, I knew there was much more; I had an uncontrollable thirst to connect to that again, from that point forward, a trip to India was eminent. Little did I know what I would discover after my incredible visit to Peedam and Sripuram and during my upcoming months of rebirth... So much to be unveiled. The presence of Amma in my life has provided me with infinite wisdom, incredible strength and joy beyond my knowing. I feel filled with hope, love, compassion, strength, positive energy, possibility, awareness, internal knowing, higher learning.., and wonderment. I have all and more than I ever asked for. The biggest thing in my life is that I have moved out of my own way to live more fully and completely. I am for the first time in my 46 years, able to fully and completely commit to a life partner... this in itself, is a miracle!! I shout loudly from the heavens above. I am so grateful my love of seven years had the courage and strength to wait for me to “show up”. From this place, I am so blessed and grateful for the continual presence of Amma in my life and all that it represents. With incredible gratitude.... By Kathleen Kloepfer

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Physics Teacher

I used to teach Physics in the School where Amma was a student. A lot of things started happening in the school. One day Amma materialized a lot of vermillion. Another day Amma materialized a red rose and gave it to me and after sometime passed, the rose turned white. Other students used to challenge or tease Amma.


Once a student taunted Amma about the miracles and Amma did something and the entire classroom was filled with flowers. After that happened nobody teased Amma. One day the headmaster called Amma and said he had heard that Amma could materialize things and said to Amma, "You must materialize something for me right now."


On hearing this Amma materialized a chocolate for the head master who being a science teacher was flabbergasted. After that day he did not say anything to Amma. [After his retirement, the Physics teacher became a devotee of Amma and spends most of his time at the Peedam]

Older Brother

The older brother of Amma, has many memories of his childhood with Amma. He said that Amma was always different from other children. From a very young age Amma did pujas and worshipped the Gods; sitting under a tree or in the puja room. He never paid too much attention to Amma as he thought that Amma was playing with the images. He did not think Amma was serious. From the age of twelve, every Friday Amma used to visit the family house in the Ariyur village to worship the anthill over there. Amma used to go directly from school to Ariyur on a Thursday evening and stay with a neighbour. On Friday morning Amma would worship the anthill and go to school from there. Amma was very devoted but the older brother did not think anything of it then. Many times the rest of the family also followed Amma to worship the anthill.


The older brother used to hear about some of the miracles from the kids in Amma's school but he dismissed them as pranks. When Amma was sixteen, the older brother was in college at Pudukottai. One day the mother phoned the older brother at the college to say that Goddess Narayani had bestowed Amma with divine powers, which have manifested and the whole town was talking about it. The older brother told his mother that it was nonsense. Anyway, when he came back home he did not believe it and told Amma that what Amma did was a gimmick. At that time Amma was chewing a paan (beetle) leaf and told the older brother to put out his hand. The older brother refused but his mother insisted that he must take whatever is being offered to him (by the Goddess) so he put forward his palm only to receive beetle leaf spit. He was told to drink it and he did. To his astonishment, it was sweet milk and not beetle leaf spit. From that day onwards, he stopped questioning and teasing Amma.

Go West Young Man

This young man lives in Toronto and is a devout devotee of Amma. He performs daily pujas at his tiny apartment, sings bhajans and recites mantras all in the name of Narayani Amma. Naturally, whenever Amma visits Toronto, he will be there to worship and serve Amma. He has a small job, which doesn't pay him well, but allows him ample free time to do Amma’s service. Last May, he got word from Amma’s devotees in Toronto that Amma was going to visit Calgary for 15 days. Initially it was believed by everyone that Amma would stop in Toronto on the way to Calgary and he was pretty excited to be able to be with his beloved Amma. As the days for Amma’s visit approached, it was learnt that Amma would not be stopping in Toronto but would go straight to Calgary. He was crushed! His friends consoled him and suggested to him that he could go to Calgary and still be with his beloved Amma. But, he had no money to travel! His meagre paying job did not give him enough money for such luxuries. So, he intensified his praying.


He would stand in front of Amma’s picture with tears blurring his vision and streaming down his cheeks, begging for Amma’s blessing so that he could go to Calgary to be with Amma. And, he did not see any way to achieve his desired goal. His friends would ask him often if he was getting ready for the trip and he would reply with a heavy heart that he wasn't due to the lack of resources. One of his friends happens to be an Amma devotee. The day before Amma was going to arrive in Calgary, this friend called him and asked him if he wasn't packing his bags for the Calgary trip. He thought that it was a cruel joke and told the caller so. But his friend only laughed and said to him, "My dear friend, don't worry about money. You are flying to Calgary at Amma’s expense. So pack your bags and be at my place ASAP to go the airport!" He couldn't believe what he was hearing. He thanked his friend, hung up the phone and dashed towards Amma’s picture. Oh! that bewitching smile of Amma almost choked him.

God''s Visit

I am an amateur photographer. For many years I have been interested in cultural heritage and, in fact, have volunteered with The Museum of Civilization in Ottawa to photograph many of the cultural events that the museum hosts. With this keen interest, I have tried to capture on film as much of Amma's activities as possible whenever possible. While we were in India we were granted access to sites that usually were forbidden to photographers. While Amma was visiting Calgary in May 2000 I became fascinated by Amma's relationship to Narayani. I was trying to understand exactly what it meant and photographed Narayani often during and after many Pujas. During the Bathing Puja, Amma was pouring milk over the 1 foot high Narayani statue which gave Narayani a slightly milky, golden hue. As I viewed through the lens that hue spread to become an all-encompassing feeling. The feeling was like the taste of the sweetness of honey. It was presented as an absolute fact that the sweetness radiated from Narayani and fed into the world. I have heard in the Bible about the sweetness of God's presence and I believe I more fully understand that truth through Narayani. Whenever I contemplate God, the sweetness of that vision stays with me always.

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Pathway of Light

Quote If we surrender then we are always at peace, and whether we get what we want or not, (or even whether we are happy or not) doesn't matter. This is becausewe accept everything that occurs happens for the best.    Quote

- Sri Sakthi Amma