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It is indeed a pride and honour to our country when we claim that Amma's Ghoshala is one of its kind in the world, wherein every attention to detail is provided to ensure the quality of care for the cows is topmost.

Over 400 cows of different breeds are nurtured and protected in Amma's Ghoshala. The new Ghoshala, third one in a row is equipped with a Bulk Milk Cooler with a capacity of 1000 litres to store excess milk at 4º C. This cooler aids in preserving the milk in good condition for longer duration and avoiding wastage, as milk is a very sacred and precious commodity.


This nutritious milk is distributed to the poor and needy in the villages, especially for mothers with new born babies, who cannot afford quality milk, essential nutrition for both mother and child. Team of professionals, including veterinary doctors attend to the health and well-being of the cows on a regular basis, providing specialized care, leading to improved breeding and enhanced milk production.

Pathway of Light

Quote If we surrender then we are always at peace, and whether we get what we want or not, (or even whether we are happy or not) doesn't matter. This is becausewe accept everything that occurs happens for the best.    Quote

- Sri Sakthi Amma