Guru Peedam

Guru Peedam


Sri Sakthi Amma, Spiritual Guru stays at the Sri Narayani Peedam, an institution that sits at the edge of a mountain named Kailasha Giri. It is located in Thirumalaikodi (or Malaikodi), a small village near Vellore in South India.

It is surrounded by mountains and lush, scenic beauty. Thirumalaikodi is located 150 km from Chennai and is equidistant from the two other very well known pilgrimage towns of Tirupathi and Tiruvannamalai. When linked by straight lines the three towns form a triangle. In Thirumalaikodi several centuries ago, saints and sages performed intense penance for many years to the Universal Mother.


They prayed for the Universal Mother to descend on the Earth to protect creation from the afflictions of the Dark Age (Kaliyuga). The selfless prayers of the sages were received by the Mother who consented to incarnate in human form on Earth.


It is Sri Sakthi Amma’s purpose to bring happiness and prosperity on Earth. Amma’s mission is to bring back righteousness and truthfulness in humankind. This will ensure that humans become more loving and tolerant towards their environment and other people. Amma once said - “Whenever Dharma declines and Adharma rises, I take birth in the world. Now I am born here as Narayani. My Name is Sakthi Amma." This summarizes the essence of Amma’s incarnation.


Amma’s mission lies in promoting Satyam (Truth) and Dharmam (Righteousness) by instructing devotees on the importance of leading a spiritual life. Amma is of the view that we can secure lasting peace in our lives through sustained worship and prayer. As Amma says: “The only true treasure in this life is the Divine. Place your heart and trust in this treasure.” It is with such Divine Wisdom, Guru’s Peedam has been established at Sripuram.


Beloved Sri Sakthi Amma’s Words of Spiritual Wisdom on the Role of a Guru


“Guru is the combination of mother, father, and teacher and also God. From the mother we get love, from the father we get guidance, from the teacher we get knowledge, and from the Divine we get grace. The Guru will have the love of the mother, and also the concern and care of a father. In addition to that, the Guru will teach from their own lives. The Guru will teach things that don’t even exist in books! Finally, the grace of the Divine will also come in the form of that Guru. Unconditional Love, mercy and peace – these things are all the grace of the Divine. So the Guru is a combination of all these four: Guru is mother, Guru is father, Guru is teacher, and Guru is God.” -SRI SAKTHI AMMA

Pathway of Light

Quote If we surrender then we are always at peace, and whether we get what we want or not, (or even whether we are happy or not) doesn't matter. This is becausewe accept everything that occurs happens for the best.    Quote

- Sri Sakthi Amma