Gho Dhanam

Offering Gho Dana, which is the act of donating a cow, holds immense significance in Hindu culture and spirituality. It is considered a highly meritorious and virtuous deed, bringing numerous benefits to the donor.

  • Spiritual Merits: Gho Dana is believed to accrue immense spiritual merits (Punya) for the donor. It is considered an act of charity that helps one progress on their spiritual path and accumulate positive karma.
  • Respect for Life: Offering Gho Dana reflects reverence for all life forms. It promotes the idea of Ahimsa (non-violence) and encourages a harmonious relationship with nature.
  • Blessings of the Divine: Offering a cow as Gho Dana is considered a way to please various deities, especially Goddess Kamadhenu, who is believed to reside in cows. This act attracts the blessings of the divine and invites divine grace into the donor's life.
  • Protection and Prosperity: It is believed that offering a cow helps protect the donor and their family from negative energies and influences. The cow is considered a symbol of abundance and prosperity, and its presence is believed to bring good fortune to the household.
  • Spiritual Growth and Liberation: In Hinduism, the cow is revered as a sacred animal, and protecting and caring for cows is considered a virtuous act. By participating in Gho Dana, one purifies their heart and develops compassion, leading to spiritual growth and liberation (Moksha).

Overall, Gho Dana is an act of selfless giving and compassion, symbolizing the sacred bond between humans and nature. It bestows blessings, spiritual growth, and positive karma on the donor, making it a noble and auspicious deed in the eyes of Hindu tradition.

Timing: 8.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Donation: for further Details : Please Contact Public Relations Office. Contact : email – | Ph. 0416-22065000



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